Advancements in the field of human-robot interaction (HRI) and collaboration (HRC) have the potential to significantly propel the integration of robots into various facets of our daily lives. Despite progress in these fields, effective collaboration between humans and robots remains complicated and is prone to a variety of failures. Particularly when considering long-term robot deployment, addressing these failures is of paramount importance, as they can have far-reaching consequences on the effectiveness of interactions, the establishment of trust, and the overall acceptance of robots.

This workshop aims to discuss the causes, consequences, and mitigation strategies of robot failures in human-centered applications. The workshop explores a wide range of topics, including tools and frameworks to model failures in human-robot interaction and collaboration, communication breakdowns, failure mitigation techniques involving humans, and learning from failures. Additionally, the workshop will investigate the human perception of robot failures and ways to repair trust after a robot failure has occurred. Through a combination of keynote presentations and interactive discussions, participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences, present their research, and explore potential solutions to enhance human-robot interaction and collaboration.